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Full Moon Tub Tea

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Perfectly portioned loose leaf botanicals and luxurious bath soak in a dissolving tea bag.

A soothing blend of rose, lavender, and bergamot essential oils alleviate stress while whole botanicals of rose, lavender, kinnikinnick, raspberry leaves, and yarrow help ease menstrual woes and promote female balance. Ideal for self-care.

Essential Oils:

  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Bergamot

Whole Botanicals:

  • Organic Roses
  • Organic Lavender
  • Organically Grown Raspberry Leaves
  • Sustainably Foraged Yarrow
  • Sustainably Foraged Kinnikinnick

Fizzing Bath Soak and Himalaya Pink Salt.

Each eco-friendly tub tea bag is made from organic wood pulp and dietary fiber that completely dissolves in water. Septic tank and sewer safe. 

Simply remove your tub tea bag from the recyclable packaging, place in your bath water and watch the magic!

After your bath, simply scoop out the botanicals or let one of our drain catchers do the work for you. Botanicals are fully compostable.

Package Contains 1 tub tea bag.